Pricing + Services


Organizational Services & Coaching - Variable Pricing - Request a quote after free initial consultation

Variable pricing based on needs and goals determined after free initial consultation with a prepared quote for services. Pricing varies between hourly rates and flat rates. Pricing based on physical in-person labor or remote phone or video conferencing.


One-day intensive

I will come to your space and provide an intensive organization makeover with a post-service plan for future. This will include my active participation and labor.

Three-month coaching plan

I will coach you.  You do the work.  Meet 30 or 60 minutes via phone or video conferencing, twice monthly after Initial Consultation.

Personal and Business Coaching

I meet with clients on an ongoing basis to listen to where their roadblocks are, ask important questions to get to root cause, and ask important questions to get to solutions. I provide support as your mentor to help you achieve your goals while providing viable tools for long-term success. Where are you struggling? - Lack of organization, clutter and too much stuff, lack of good time management, health, etc. Allow me to be your guide and support system. I want you to have more life with less so you can spend more time enjoying the important people in your life.

Customized personal and business coaching

After free initial consultation, we can determine a customized plan geared towards your goals.


Are you overwhelmed and looking to hire a personal assistant? I am now booking to assist individuals and businesses by offering personal assistant services. I will help you to quickly get caught up and stay on track - freeing you up for the more important things.

Transcription Services

Do you have recorded meetings or any type of dictated audio that you would like transcribed for hard-copy documentation? I have spent many years in transcription to include but not limited to medical, corporate conference calls, radio talkshow, and corporate and town meetings. Reach out for a quote for any audio you need to be transcribed to hard-copy documentation for your record keeping.

Organization class via phone or video conferencing

I will conduct classes to individuals or groups on how to organize, minimize, and be the controller of your time through time management.

I will conduct video conferencing geared to helping your organization understand the importance of organization, reducing items and waste, and time management. The results of this class will lead to more productivity and reducing costs.

Organizing Your files

Personal & Business: Do your paper files and electronic files need help? I can help you get organized and provide recommendations on maintaining a highly effective filing system.

Closet makeover

The closet is an area where maintaining can be the most challenging and where we are most likely to fill without emptying. Allow me to assist in pulling it all out and putting all back together while assisting you in making important decisions of what to keep or what to sell, donate, or trash. Along with this will be my long-term maintenance recommendations.

Analyzing and designing office systems

Allow me to take a look or hear about what is happening in your office space. My goal is to guide you to the least amount of clutter and stuff and to bring to life systems that are highly functional.